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Health Foundation # 2 is
 Eliminating Toxicities...

The first priority in health maintenance and recovery is to eliminate toxicities from the body. No one would knowingly allow contaminants inside a prized car’s fuel tank. So, why would we do a similar thing to our irreplaceable body? Or as Jack LaLanne says, “why do we start a day with coffee, doughnuts, sugary-cereal etc.”

Answer: We don’t fear the consequences enough!!




Free radicals are a prime cause of aging and disease... they make us old... the more free radicals in our bodies, the faster we age.

Free radicals, technically, are oxidants. That is, they will “rust” or “age” anything they touch. Even more technically:

  • A free-radical is any electrically unstable MOLECULE or ATOM (pictured above is just one type of free radical). Free radicals are unstable because they are missing one or more electrons.
  • The largest numbers of free radicals in the human body come as byproducts of mitochondrial (power plants in our cells) energy production.
  • Free radicals also come from the environment by way of absorption through our skin, breathing them in from the pollution in the air and by eating them (contaminants, chemicals, alcohol, etc. within our food and water).

The problem caused by free radicals is:

  • Free radicals try to grab an electron out of another nearby molecule in order to become electrically “stable”.
  • Doing so destabilizes the “attacked” molecule, so that it will in turn rip an electron away from another molecule.
  • This creates a chain reaction of damaged molecules. This is one of the prime causes of cellular degeneration (disease and aging).

This destructive chain reaction is stopped ONLY WHEN electrical stability is achieved by means of redox molecules and antioxidants.

What is Your Plan For Stopping Free Radicals?

The antidotes to free radicals are:

  1. Redox Molecules
  2. Antioxidants

Both of these are rate limiters in terms of neutralizing free radicals.

That is we need both redox molecules and antioxidants in optimum amounts for maximum health and longevity. Learn more below:

REDOX Molecules

    Redox (reduction/oxidation) molecules are molecules that are capable of donating or accepting electrons. These molecules are typically small (5 or 6 atom) molecules consisting of hydrogen, oxygen, cholorine and sodium (in different arrangements).

    There is only one product that will directly increase the number of REDOX molecules in the body. We will discuss it later.

Antioxidant Molecules - Latest Understanding

    Previous undrstandings about antioxidants placed them in the role of electron donors, which isn’t completely accurate.

    Instead, antioxidants are best defined as catalysts for combining redox molecules and free radicals to create neutralized molecules and salt water. In other words, it takes BOTH the antioxidants and the redox molecules to stabilize a free radical.

Priorities for Neutralizing Free Radicals

In order from least to most effective way of neutralizing free radicals.

Free Electrons From the Earth - Direct Antidote to Free Radicals

    There is a little known, but valuable way to neutralize free radicals from the body. This is to be grounded to the earth. This means having skin contact to the earth (the skin is a good conductor, although clothing is not). The earth contains an infinite amount of free electrons which are capable of directly neutralizing many types of free radicals in the body (especially free radicals in joints). Spending 1/2 hour day barefoot outside is wonderful. Even longer periods of contact are better.

Redox Molecules and ASEA

    The only product that will directly increase Redox Molecules in the body is ASEA. Click here to learn more about or to purchase buy_at_icon ASEA. Since the levels of redox molecules are a rate limiter for the working of all antioxidants in the body, taking ASEA is especially important in any effort to improve the body’s health when one is starting from a chronic disease condition.

Antioxidant Foods

    Typically, we eat or drink antioxidants. They are found in numerous types of fresh foods. Note that antioxidants are normally inactivated (made useless) by cooking. So, eating raw food is an important way to bring antioxidants into the body. One of the best raw food products for those who are always in a hurry and don’t have time to shop for raw foods is Seven Essentials. It’s a food powder with an ORAC (antioxidant rating) of 21,010 per serving. That’s the equivalent of 42 servings of fruits and vegetables in one 22 gram serving. (Just mix in water and drink... and it tastes great). Click here to learn more or to buy this antioxidant powerhouse drink buy_at_icon called Seven Essentials.

Endogenous Antioxidants

    As important as having redox molecules in the body and eating antioxidant foods and being connected to the earth are, the very most important way to fight the destructive power of free radicals is to produce antioxidants inside each cell of the body.

    That’s why any true seeker of health will want to put a large focus on assisting his/her body to make more of the four all-important endogenous antioxidants. (Endogenous means the body can make them in each cell of the body.) These four endogenous antioxidants are:

    • Catalase
    • Glutathione
    • Alpha Lipoic Acid
    • Super Oxide Dismutase

    There are several supplements that assist the body to produce more of these endogenous antioxidants. They are:

    1. Glisodin
    2. Protandim
    3. MaxGXL

    We’ll discuss the above later. First, we want to discuss each of these endogenous antioxidants.

Catalase - is the most powerful of all the endogenous enzymes 


— in otherwords it is the heavyweight antioxidant that neutralizes the most dangerous free radicals. Gray hair and diminishing powers of eye sight are tell tale signs of a body in which powerful free radicals ”reign”. Only catalase can easily neutralize the most powerful free radicals such as the peroxyl, nitrogen and hydroxyl free radicals that cause considerable damage to the hair and eyes and skin.

Catalase and its precursors are naturally present in melons and apples, but are destroyed by stomach acids. The best way to naturally improve our  catalase levels is to eat the foods with the highest concentration of catalase, such as little green apples (remember, an apple a day) and cantaloupe, and wait 25 minutes before eating anything else (so that no stomac acid will be produced and destroy the catalase).

We also recommend Glisodin™, a patented supplement that combines a cantaloupe extract with a with a wheat extract stabilizer that increases the absorption time of the cantaloupe catalase components from 10 minutes to 80 minutes. This supplement promotes an increased production of catalase (171% increase), S.O.D. (90% increase) and glutathione (51% increase).



Glutathione - is the body’s master antioxidant. It is responsible for


mopping up all types of free radicals and reactivating spent antioxidants (ones that have been “damaged while neutralizing a free radical”. Low levels of glutathione correspond to aging and disease. Glutathione does not absorb from food at all. It must be manufactured from raw materials within each cell or be injected into the blood. The major rate limiting factor for production of glutathione is the amino acid cysteine. Glutathione is arguably the most important of all the endogenous antioxidants since it’s presence increases levels of all the others.

We recommend buy_at_icon MaxGXL™. This supplement promotes an increased production of glutathione (from 250% to 400% increase, depending on original levels).



Alpha Lipoic Acid - is a universal antioxidant in that works everywhere in


the body. It is both manufactured by the body and can be consumed in food. It is fat and water soluble and can cross all membranes. It’s well absorbed from foods. Best sources (in order of concentration) are:

  1. Organ meats
  2. Red meats
  3. Broccoli
  4. Spinach
  5. Brewer’s Yeast

One of Alpha Lipoic Acid’s main functions is to increase glutathione production.



 Super Oxide Dismutase - this is the “expendable soldier” mitochondrial


antioxidant. It’s name comes from the fact that mitochondrial reactions produce super oxide anion free radicals. Super oxide dismutase antioxidants are the very fast reacting antioxidants that are the first line of defense against these free radicals. The components for manufacturing S.O.D. are found primarily in melons and especially cantaloupes. However, they are not too well absorbed from foods because the absorption/production time for making S.O.D. lasts for only ten minutes.

Again, we recommend Glisodin™, a patented supplement that combines a cantaloupe extract with a wheat extract stabilizer that increases the absorption time of the cantaloupe components from 10 minutes to 80 minutes. This supplement promotes an increased production of catalase (171% increase), S.O.D. (90% increase) and glutathione (51% increase).