Keeping the Circulatory System Clean and Functioning Optimally


What is Your Plan to Keep Your Arteries Clean?

Poor cardiovascular health (as with virtually every kind of poor health) is the result of nutrient deficiencies and toxicities that go uncorrected over long periods of time.

Here’s what we recommend to help eliminate these deficiencies and toxicities:

  1. Ensure optimal levels of nitric oxide so that endothelial cells in arterial linings communicate correctly to heal, expand, contract, relax, and rid themselves of plaque.
  2. Ensure optimal levels of Vitamin D (helps prevent and reverse plaque calcification )
  3. Remove heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals cause damage to cells, which damage precipitates depositing of cholesterol/plaque as a band-aid.
  4. Ensure optimal methylation within your body so as to convert toxic homocysteine into cardio-protective methionine.
  5. Cleanse your body of harmful bacteria that, like heavy metals, attack the linings of the arteries.
  6. Ensure optimal amounts of fatty acids - to create health cell membranes.
Here’s more about each of the above:
Nitric Oxide - is perhaps the most important cardiovascular nutrient and the fastest way to “clean” arteries.

L-arginine is called by Columbia University “the magic bullet for cardiovascular health” due to the awarding of a Nobel Prize to three Americans for their discovery that nitric oxide (which is derived from dietary l-arginine) helps blood vessel linings to function correctly so that they are elastic, smooth, integral, slippery and able to expand and contract to efficiently pump blood throughout the body.

When arterial linings are elastic and smooth, plaque is less able to adhere to them.

Nitric Oxide Overrules Bad Habits

Nitric oxide is called a magic bullet because it can in many cases override all the bad habits that a person might that would otherwise lead to damage arterial linings and plaque buildup.

inspiration_iconWe urge you to learn about l-arginine studies and to learn how to have this magic bullet in your life.


Vitamin D - helps prevent arterial plaque calcification.

Studies show huge improvements in cardiovascular health within rising blood levels of Vitamin D.

inspiration_iconYou simply must ensure that your Vitamin D levels are high. Nothing does more for human health at less cost.


Heavy Metal Removal - possibly nothing else causes so much cellular damage as heavy metals.When this damage occurs to arterial linings, the body’s response is to deposit cholesterol/plaque as a type of band-aid.

As cholesterol/plaque builds up, the opportunity for an arterial event increases. Heavy metals can be considered to be a great destroyer of arterial linings and so removing them is wise.

We recommend several ways of removing heavy metals from the body. They can be used together or alone.

  • Zeolite
  • Chelation
  • Glutathione boosting
  • Intravenous Vitamin C
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid


Semiannual maintenance routine with eight days of systemic enzyme cleansing and plaque chelation

We recommend a particular eight day enzyme cleanse called the Eight Day Cleanse. This cleanse is a multifaceted internal cleanse that clears debris from the cardiovascular system and mucoidal gel from the intestinal system. The eight Day Cleanse includes a dietary program for the eight days that enhances the opportunity for the enzymes included with the program to clear complement (debris including inflammation markers and lipids) out of the cardiovascular system. The Eight Day Cleanse kit also includes an antioxidant beverage mix that drastically curtails free radical activity in the blood stream.