Six Foundations of HealthHealthy Foundation 4 - is Getting Enough Sunshine, Earth & AirHealth Foundation 5 - is Eating Nutrient Dense FoodHealth Foundation 6 - is Being Tuned and TonedHealth Foundation 1 - is staying informed in the field of nutrition

Health Foundation # 6 is
Being Tuned and Toned

Just as a piano will not play right unless regularly used and its keys and strings periodically tuned up...
so, too, our physical bodies must also be used regularly and our skeletal, muscle, nervous, and mental systems properly aligned and reset, or else, like a piano, we won’t “play” to our potential.



Circulatory System

The first system of the body that benefits from being active is the circulatory system. When Dr. Kenneth Cooper found himself with an unlimited supply of guinea pigs called Army recruits, he devised tests to measure the results of aerobic exercise. He found that those who engaged in aerobic exercise grew new blood vessels and capillaries to carry blood throughout their body. The benefit of this is greater oxygenation of the body, with accompanying greater energy, mental acuity and physical capacity for work.

We highly recommend keeping your circulatory system tuned and toned by engaging in several weekly sessions of walking, running, bouncing on a trampoline, etc.

Skeletal System

When the skeletal system is allowed to atrophy, bones can break during falls that would otherwise be of no consequence. The reason is that the body adapts to the demands placed on it. When there are no demands on the skeletal system, it is more willing to give up its minerals such as calcium. When this happens, the bone density becomes less and broken bones are more likely to result from accidents.

Muscular System

Conditioning of the core muscles of the body (abdomen and back) yields truly great wellness dividends. The biggest reason for a prolapsed colon (droopy colon) is allowing the abdominal muscles to lose their conditioning.

Nervous Systems


Mental Systems

We’re really speaking of good energy.

Music, rhythmic beats and movements, tapping (EFT), dreams (REM), natural perfumes, spirituality and deep interpersonal relationships all having healing power that comes through vibrational energy.Advanced thinkers are already saying it... someday we’ll learn how to directly incorporate vibrational energy into our being and food will be unnecessary.

Until we discover how to do that, we can still take advantage of the fact that “good vibrational energy” empowers our bodies, mysteriously, perhaps, but noticeably!

Numerous books have been written on the healing power of music, tapping and rhythm, rapid eye movement, essential oils with their uniquely high vibrational energy, meditation, prayer and other forms of spirituality and personal relationships.

These things are documented sufficiently that we can say simply, the more forms of these healing vibrational energies that you encounter in your life, the better.

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