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Health Challenge: Cancer

The health challenge known as cancer grows out of cellular oxygen-deficiency; or, stated in the reverse, cell oxygen deficiency is the one and only prime cause of cancer (prime means a condition that is always present). See Dr. Warburg statement

More definitively, Dr. Warburg’s research demonstrated that when the oxygen content of a cell goes down significantly (about 35% lower than normal), the cell will, upon finding that it is no longer able to create enough energy through respiration*, switch to sugar glycolysis (fermentation) in order to survive. Unfortunately, fermentation rapidly produces DNA altering toxins that cause the cell to mindlessly grow (i.e. become cancerous).
 *Respiration means burning fuel (fat or sugar in the presence of oxygen.)

Maintaining High Content of Oxygen In Cells Is the Only Way to Prevent Cancer

With the prime cause of cancer in mind, it would seem logical that, to avoid cancer, one would need to ensure that there is no deficiency of oxygen in the cell. That is exactly what we recommend that you do because if you will take very reasonable steps towards enabling the cells of one’s body to maintain optimum levels of oxygen, then, you will have placed yourself beyond the reach of this dreadful disease.

What to Do With Existing Cancer?

Overcoming an already existing cancer is another matter because the changeover of a cell from being a normal cell to being a cancerous zombie cell is a permanent change. There is no going back.

We do not claim to have cancer cures to share. That is the realm of doctors, but frankly speaking, the medical profession is not doing very well at curing cancer, with their slash, burn and poison tactics. Cancer death rates and recurrence rates are higher each decade than the last, and have reached the point where over 1/3rd of modern people will die from cancer.

The best advice we have, therefore, is to not get cancer, by doing whatever it takes to keep your cell oxygen levels high.

The next best advice is that if you do get cancer, make sure you discover it early and then immediately do what you should have done before, which is to ensure a high content of oxygen in your cells. Also, immediately, seek to strengthen your immune system, so that your immune system can “take on” the cancer cells. Remember, something has to kill cancer cells, they are not just going to go back to being normal, once you are making sure your cellular oxygen content is high. The best natural way is to improve your immune system functioning.

Finally, even with a late diagnosis of cancer, however, there is still hope, working in concert with your medical professionals, we advise all of the following:

  • Raising the levels of oxygen in your cells
  • Boosting the strength of your immune system
  • Giving your cells the advantage of optimum nutrition
  • Assisting your body in every way possible to do its job of killing cancer cells.

Specific Ideas for Supporting the Body That Has Cancer

It is our opinion that no matter what else one does in terms of dealing with an existing cancer, one should ALWAYS help the body to kill cancer better by giving nutrients and other tools that may assist. The human body’s immune system is a terrific cancer fighting force, in its own right, and ought to be assisted to function optimally.

Maintaining high oxygen content within cells

Saturating the blood with oxygen does not guarantee more oxygen in the cells of tissue throughout the body. So, the big question that ought to be asked by cancer researchers (but there is no money in the oxygen deficiency line of research, and therefore it isn’t asked) is ‘What can be done to ensure that oxygen content in cells is ample enough to avoid cancer?’

Until recently, no scientist had taken up this line of research. Professor Brian Peskin (an MIT trained Engineer and Scientist) asked the question, “What could impede the transfer oxygen from the blood into the interior of a cell, and what could be done to remove any such impedance?”

The logical answer to the above question is that only the cell membranes stand between blood oxygen and a cell’s interior (the cytoplasm). Professor Peskin then did research into what best enables cell membranes to not “impede” oxygen transfer. His research eventually focussed on Parent Essential Fatty Acids.

    The cell membrane is a bi-lipid



Best Ways of Helping the Body To Better Fight Cancer



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