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Top 10 Supplements and Rules for Maintaining Wellness

If one were arbitrarily limited to taking only 10 supplements, which should they be? And what are the top ten rules for maintaining wellness?

Top 10 (Most Important) Health Supplements


Top Ten Health Rules for Maintaining Wellness

  1. Zeolite - the reason that Zeolite is # 1 in importance is that we live in a toxic world. If one doesn’t neutralize the toxins that gain entrance to our bodies, then one’s health will be significantly reduced, no matter what nutrition one is getting.
  2. Iodine - the reason that Iodine is # 2 in importance is that iodine is deficient in our food, and at the same time it is a rate limiter for the body’s energy, for the immune system, for hormonal receptors and membrane transport activities. If levels of iodine go too low, there is a large health impact.
  3. PXP Royale - the reason that PXP Royale is # 3 in importance is that it limits free radical damage better than any other supplement we know anything about. And the reason for that is that the cyanidins (powerful antioxidants) in this species of rice have been nanosized and are freely able to enter both the cells and the mitochondria to quench free radicals.
  4. Laminine - the reason that Laminine is # 4 in importance is that it helps damaged cells to be replaced with brand new, undamaged ones. It’s hard to think of something more useful in maintaining health than to restore damaged cells to a perfect condition.
  5. Vitamin D3 - the reason that Vitamin D3 is # 5 in importance is that Vitamin D3 is a rate limiter for the utilization of minerals. If minerals aren’t utilized properly in the body, it is only a matter of time until health is lost.
  6. PEOs - the reason that PEOs is # 6 in importance is that cellular membranes are vital to health... and PEOs, along with iodine, are critical to cell membrane health. Especially, PEOs increase the ability of cells to have access to oxygen.
  7. E7 - the reason E7 is # 7 in importance is that it provides a wide variety of raw food nutrients in an easy to consume and assimilate format. E7 ensures that we get a plethora of nutrients so our cells can maintain themselves.
  8. Cell Food - the reason that Cell Food is # 8 in importance is that it increases redox reactions in our cells by supplying both nascent hydrogen and nascent oxygen, which is at the core of virtually other reactions in the body.
  9. MaxGXL - the reason that it is # 9 in importance is that it is fantastic at boosting glutathione production throughout all tissues of the body. Glutathione is a very versatile molecule, at both resurrecting spent antioxidants and at cleansing the body of toxic chemicals.
  10. Probiotics - the reason that it is # 10 in importance is that probiotics are the best way to protect against harmful microorganisms. Additionally, probiotics act like afterburners on a jet engine to extract the last bit of nutrition from our food.


  1. You need to constantly detoxify your body of substances that damage your cells.
  2. You need to consume a large variety of nutrients so that the numerous processes of cellular life and intracellular communication occur correctly.
  3. You need to maintain high levels of Mitochondrial Antioxidants that quench or cool the “burning” byproducts of making energy from oxygen and fuel.
  4. You need to ensure that there is ample amounts of oxygen in your cells, by ensuring your cell membranes easily transport oxygen into the cell interior, by eating raw, seeds or Parent Essential Oils.
  5. You need a 12 to 13 hour period of fasting each day, so that your mitochondria and endocrine systems can repair themselves.
  6. You need healthy fuel, which is good fat and complex carbohydrates. You would do well to limit simple carbohydrates (unless you cannot consume enough calories, otherwise, to meet your energy needs).
  7. You need sufficient hours of sleep each day for your body to repair and reset itself.
  8. You need to replace the water you lose each day.
  9. You need to work your body’s muscles, bones, tendons, heart and lungs regularly.
  10. You need to partake of “good energy” continuously.
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