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Health Foundation # 1:
 Redox Support 

Reduction/Oxidation is at the very core of chemistry and life. What we’re talking about is the fire (oxidation) inside our cells that powers up our life...  followed by the “cooling” down (reduction) of those cellular fires, so we don’t burn up from the inside. Oxidizing (burning) means to take electrons. And reducing (cooling) means to give electrons.

The energy of life comes from food and oxygen, and is released into our cells through the oxidation/reduction chemical reactions taking place in our mitochondria. The burning byproducts of energy creation are called oxidants or free radicals. The name of the ‘coolants’ used in our cells to extinguish those free radicals is reductants or even or  antioxidants. Serious problems arise, at a molecular level, if reductants and oxidants are not load balanced.



In order to have load balanced amounts of oxidants and reductants in our cells, which means we have plentiful energy for an active, fulfilling life, and we don’t have free radicals raving our molecules and cells to age us and cause degenerative disease, we must ensure that our cells ALWAYS have sufficient oxygen, hydrogen and other reduction oxidation molecules for their load or demand. Failure to support this balance in our cellular redox activities is a choice for death and disease. There is great deal to learn about this subject of redox activities in the body. We try to simplify it. So, please learn about the concepts below:

  1. Oxygen - most people aren’t aware that cells can have oxygen deficiencies (because we can just breathe more, right), but the truth is that cancer is always the result of a cellular defiency of oxygen. There is a secret people must learn to ensure that the cells have sufficient oxygen to stay health and deliver energy when needed.
  2. Hydrogen - this universal ”antioxidant” (free radical reducer) is universally undersupplied, and this causes us to age too fast.
  3. Super Oxide Dismutase, Catalase, Glutathione, CoEnzymeQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid - they are super coolants for the mitochondria and keys to staying biologically young.
  4. Redox signaling molecules - made by the mitochondria, or supplied in supplement form, are a essential for making our cells work efficiently. The supplemental form is fantastic for revitalizing sluggish, unbalanced, dying cells.

Oxygen, Just Breathe More, Right? No!!!!!!!!!!

Most people think they can get all the oxygen they need by breathing more air (deep breathing, yoga, exercise) or even by breathing pure oxygen or taking oxygen-releasing supplements. This absolutely can help, but is not sufficient. Think of all the athletes that get cancer.

The challenge is that getting oxygen into the blood stream isn’t enough. Oxygen still has to go from the blood into the individual cells. In doing so, the oxygen has to go through the cell membrane. If the cell membrane is built from oxygen-resisting oils — most grocery store oils — then the oxygen won’t get into the cell as easily as it should, and cellular oxygen amounts may be less than they should for optimum health.

Modern grocery store oils have been purposefully made oxygen-transfer-resistant in order to achieve long shelf-lives. So, in the name of profits, modern vegetable oils have been made into a dangerous substance that should not be eaten (yet, most people are unaware of this danger). Symptoms of eating modern vegetable oils are very slow in coming. So slow, that people don’t put two and two together. The major symptoms are lessened energy and eventually cancer. Therefore, one of the first things to consider when energy is low is increasing cell oxygen.

Here are oxygen solutions that help increase the amount of oxygen in cells:

  1. Parent Essential Oils - $33.00 per bottle (lasts one month). Helps ensure that whatever oxygen is in your body, goes through your cell membranes into your cells.
  2. Redox Signaling Molecules - $35 per bottle (lasts varying amount of time, depending on the individual’s need for redox molecules).  Penetrates cell membranes regardless of the membrane condition. Can increase VO2 of cells by 12% very quickly.
  3. Cell Food - $29 per bottle (lasts one month). Splits water molecules inside your body into oxygen and hydrogen. Can quickly increase VO2 by 3%.


Hydrogen, The Smallest of All Atoms, is One of the Most Important Elements on Earth for Ensuring Resistance to Aginghydrogen_atom

Oxygen respiration (current of fuel and oxygen to energy) is a major cause of aging because coincident to energy production produced free radicals damage our mitochondria, DNA and cell membranes. This is similar to the idea that heat in a car engine is the major cause of engine deterioration. To avoid engine heat damage is the reason for radiators and coolants in cars (to eliminate heat before harm to the engine is done). With humans, hydrogen acts as a “coolant” for neutralizing free radicals in the mitochondria before they do irreparable harm.

The hydrogen atom is tiny and therefore capable of passing through cell membranes easily, always. Hydrogen has a single electron orbiting around a single proton. In its atomic form, hydrogen has the ability to act as an electron donor... that is to quench free radicals (which are molecules missing electrons, and are thus electron grabbers). Hydrogen’s ability to neutralize free radicals makes atomic hydrogen very important in controlling inflammatory reactions throughout the human body, even down to the level of the cellular mitochondria.

It would seem easy for our bodies to get hydrogen because water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. Our bodies could just split the water atom, right. Unfortunately, no! Our bodies can’t split the water (at least not without help) and only few exceptions, natural water furnishes the body with virtually no atomic hydrogen. So, to obtain atomic hydrogen we will have to resort to some tricks as follows:

  1. Electrical “deionization of water”
  2. Magnesium disassociation of water
  3. Deuterium splitting of water molecule

Deionization of water occurs naturally during lightning storms and occurs via de-ionizing machines. There are numerous de-ionizing machines for home use that one can purchase (normally at a cost of $2,000 or more dollars) that will produce water that is rich in hydrogen atoms. Unfortunately, the hydrogen that has been disassociated from water through electricity rapidly recombines with oxygen to form water again. In other words, this water must be drunk within a few minutes of being “manufactured”.

A simpler and longer-lasting method for getting atomic hydrogen is to use a process of water contact with magnesium. Magnesium splits the water molecule and releases hydrogen molecules into the water. Some of this hydrogen goes into solution (instead of escaping into the atmosphere) and will stay in solution much longer (up to a day or two), giving the advantage of being viable as a hydrogen source all day long.

A third method of obtaining atomic hydrogen uses heavy water and a mixture of enzymes and ionic minerals to split water molecules into nascent (new born) hydrogen and oxygen inside the body. By taking from 12 to 36 drops a day in any beverage, this water splitting action occurs within the body all day long.

We recommend all three methods to help ensure your body has plentiful amounts of hydrogen:

  1. Cell Food - $29.00 per bottle (lasts one month). Cell food is a liquid that is squirted into whatever water or beverage you are drinking, giving the water/beverage a lemony flavor. The major advantage is that the Cell Food bottle is small and can easily be carried everywhere.
  2. Magnesium Water Stick - $79 per stick (lasts six months). The stick is easily inserted into whatever water bottle you are using.
  3. Alkastream Hydrogen Filter - $329 (lasts for years, completely cleans and remineralizes water, as well as enriching it with hydrogen. Filters must be replaced every six months at a cost of $129). The unit attaches to the kitchen water faucet and uses no electricity.

Super Oxide Dismutase, Catalase, Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid

The human body can be correctly viewed as being comprised of trillions of bags of water (cellular cytoplasm) in which redox reactions are occurring to create energy, and subsequently to reduce the byproducts of energy production (free radicals) so that we aren’t destroyed by the energy creation byproducts. Also, our trillions of cells use redox molecules to defend again invading microbes, toxins, radiation, etc. So, at the core of life is redox reactions.

Oxygen is used to make the fire inside our cells, ie. make “energy” from fuel. Reducing agents (antioxidants) are used to cool down the fire so it doesn’t destroy the many bags of water (cells). We have already discussed how hydrogen is the most universal reducing agent, and how we ought to drink hydrogen rich water daily. Additionally, there are many other important antioxidants — antioxidants that are more powerful than hydrogen, and which are needed for dealing with more dangerous free radicals.

The main four antioxidants - the most important in controlling redox reactions are Super Oxide Dismutase, Catalase,  Glutathione and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Because they are so important, they are manufactured by the body, if the body has plenty of nutrients (building block tools), which are mostly minerals and free hydrogen.

The most important of all the above endogenous antioxidants is glutathione, because it can recycle the other antioxidants. Glutathione’s levels correspond with biological age. In other words, the closer you are to “dead”, the lower your levels of glutathione are, the younger (healthier) you are, the higher your levels of glutathione are.

Several products can be used to increase glutathione levels in the body. Our favorite of these is MaxGXL. It will double to quadruple your glutathione levels in a matter of weeks. It doubles as a great detoxifier. Although, it is quite expensive, it is worth taking either continuously, or by taking it for a month and then waiting one or two months and taking it again. It does have a residual effect in the body, i.e. a period of time in which glutathione levels will remain high before they start to diminish again.

Another superb product is Glisodin™, available at most health food stores.

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