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If you don’t take care of yourself... Your Big Brothers will!

If you don’t learn the truth about how to maximize your health and if you don’t take responsibility for your own health, your much loving Big Brothers (Big Pharma, Big Business, Big Government) will take care of you in their own very special way! However, we warn that you may not like “the Big Brother-ly care” they have planned for you.



These are the plain facts about how your “Big Brothers” will take care of you:

  1. Your early death minimizes Social Security and Medicare payments. The government wants you to be patriotic and die quickly after you stop contributing to social security.

    we_prefer_you_deadThe government benefits most when people die soon after retiring from the workplace.
    (In other words, the government has a financial incentive for each of us to die as soon as possible after we stop contributing to society with our labor. So, you better believe the government’s agenda is ‘herding’ the masses towards early death.)
  2. The more drugs and “medical procedures” you consume... the more money you ’contribute’ to large pharmaceutical and insurance companies. They will do everything in their power to ensure you think you need them (because you’re sick and in pain)... and keep paying for symptom relief.

    sellingsicknessPharmaceutical corporations and insurance corporations benefit financially when people  live in a state of poor health, and therefore spend as much of their income as possible on big pharma’s drugs and medical interventions, etc.
    (In other words, pharmaceutical companies WISH us to be in a state of poor health for as long as possible. You better believe that most everything you know about health is false... designed to help you need expensive medical treatments/drug therapies that will not heal, but will make you dependent on more treatments/drug therapies.)
    • Despite rhetoric, pharmaceutical companies benefit most when their drugs make them look good by reducing pain and symptoms of poor health but actually make you less healthy in the long run. They have no benefit from finding actual cures. I.E. real cures are not profitable.
  3. The only “good” person is a consumer (in the viewpoint of the multinational corporations that control most of the earth’s population). They want you to consume, consume, consume, without regard to your health!

    addicting_foodLarge food corporations want us to eat, and eat, and eat, until we die... they make more money when their products are so taste addicting that consumers buy ever increasing amounts of them without regard to consequences.
    (That means their agenda has nothing to do with our health, and everything to do with getting money out of us.)
  4. Pharmaceutical, insurance and health-care corporations want everyone to think they are altruistic and benevolent, when really they are designing your world to make you VERY unhealthy!

    drugs_140Hospitals and government-sponsored health organizations are controlled to large measure by large, multinational corporations whose goal is to promulgate drug and medical interventions that do not cure, but that are very profitable to them.
    (That means that government health departments, schools and public health education teach ideas that mostly lead the public into poor health.

Follow the money to know the truth...
Following the money is the chief method that crime investigators use to understand human actions. Following the money is definitely the way to follow_the_moneyunderstand large corporations and large government - because power corrupts and money and power are the bottom line.

That’s why you can be sure that neither large, multinational corporations nor government health departments are in the business of fostering people to make lifestyle changes that would enable them to have lasting health. Such lifestyle changes would run counter to their money interests.

Don’t be deceived. Neither big government nor big pharmaceutical companies nor big food companies ought to be viewed as benevolent, altruistic or focused on the best interest of the public.

Public Health really means profits for those who control the government, and teach “as public health” that which guarantees them many sick people. Public health translates to public ill-health.

If you don’t understand this warning, then you won’t recognize that school education and government health departments teach true principles of wellness MIXED WITH false wellness principles... (because mixing truth with untruth is the best way to deceive the most number of people)... guiding as many people as possible towards the GOALS of big business/pharmaceutical companies (which goal is your spending as much money as possible on their foods, drugs, medical interventions and public and private health insurance.

We need to separate facts from fiction in regard to Health Care.

Keep in mind that no matter how caring, loving and public-minded, individual medical personnel may be, they are just as brainwashed as you are, in terms of real health issues. The below two tables can help you understand the true issues of health:

Trauma & Acute Symptoms Call for Medical Professionals


Maintaining Wellness Requires Nutritional Professionals

Medical professionals are well-trained in saving lives in situations of childbirth, infections, cuts, broken bones and other traumas. They are also expert in alleviating pain and discomfort. They have amazing abilities in regard to correcting congenital defects and restoring us to normal functioning after terrible accidents.  These are the things they are BEST at. And, like you, we are impressed and appreciative of their skill. They rescue us when we are broken and hurting.


In terms of non-emergencies, non-surgical, non-palliative care, most medical professionals are not qualified to help. They do not practice the preventative care and maintenance of the human frame along the lines of what Thomas Edison said a century “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patient in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”.  Unfortunately, that future day hasn’t yet arrived. So, you will have to seek the best health-related help from non-medical sources, i.e. nutritionists.

If you have an acute problem see a medical person who will repair you.

But, if you are interested in long-term, health, the only group of people with whom you can trust the long-term maintenance of your body are those who are focused on long-term health and longevity - i.e. nutritionists.

Maintenance is Better Than Repair!

Furthermore, the only nutritionists we should trust are researchers who are not tainted by the desires of big business and big government, but are independent and remain devoted to true wellness and life extension.  Unfortunately, it may be hard to find them because they are rapidly being bought off and silenced by big business including their “hirelings” in big government. No matter what anyone says, the truth can be found by following the money. “Money talks” and big money is in generated from disease not from health.

Nevertheless, we have to close this warning by saying this loud and clear: We are hugely grateful for repair of the human body as provided by medical experts (it is wonderful whenever it is needed). Nevertheless, in the big picture, maintaining the wellness of the human body is wiser than permitting our health to be lost and then hoping for repair!

The bottom line: We each need to become and stay informed about health and wellness by those who have the best information. This information is also improving. So, we urge you to subscribe today to our bimonthly wellness newsletter and be equipped to maintain your body yourself.

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