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The Two Worst Health Habits

As everyone learns eventually... destruction of anything is much easier than construction. So, as you would expect, building and maintaining health is a matter of continuously doing many things right while destroying health can come from one or two bad habits.

The very worst health habits a person and ones that are guaranteed to destroy your health are eating modern vegetable oils and consuming excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates.

Modern, Grocery Store Vegetable Oils - Compromise Your Cell Membrane’s Ability to Transport Oxygen Into the Cell Interior

Because modern, grocery store vegetable oils have been processed by their manufacturers to be resistive to oxygen, in order to increase shelf-life (by avoiding oxygen caused rancidity), they will bring their oxygen resistive properties inside you.

In the opinion of Brian cell_oxygen_thermometerPeskin, author of “The Hidden Story of Cancer”, it is the consumption of oxygen resistive oils that is the major cause of the modern plague of cancer, as well as other degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Cardiovascular Disease. To learn more about this, please visit

Simply put, the more foods you eat with modern vegetable oils, the more the case will be that your cell membranes are built from oxygen resistive oils. The reason is quite simple: cell membranes are comprised 60% of polyunsaturated oils. And so whatever polyunsaturated oils we eat will end up in our cell membranes. If we are eating oxygen resistive polyunsaturated oils, we are ensuring that our cell membranes become more and more resistive to oxygen.

Oxygen content in cells is probably the most important key to a cell’s health. But, breathing more air to put more oxygen in our bodies, even breathing pure oxygen, or taking oxygen releasing supplements is not enough to maintain high cell oxygen if the cell membranes are built of oxygen resistive oils. That’s why athletes still get cancer. That’s why having an oxygen saturation level of 94 or higher (which most people have) is not enough to ensure that your body doesn’t develop degenerative problems such as arterial wall damage, Parkinson’s and Cancer.

One of the most important, habits, anyone can have, therefore, is to avoid modern vegetable oils with high percentages of polyunsaturated oils. In order of most potential damage, these oils are listed below:

Amount of Polyunsaturated Oils in Various Types of Common, Edible Oils

Type of Oil

Percentage of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

Safflower Oil


Sunflower Oil


Corn Oil


Soybean Oil


Cottonseed Oil


Canola Oil


Peanut Oil




Please note that oils that have been manufactured without any heat or chemical processing, and protected from light and oxygen, would be healthy to eat... unless you made them dangerous by cooking them.

Don’t eat foods that have the above oils in them, and especially so if they have been cooked, fried or baked... so, say good bye to cookies, cakes, breads, fried foods... unless you switch to Palm Kernel oil or Coconut Oil which are both comprised of only 2% polyunsaturated fatty acids. Olive oil is also a much better choice, although it is comprised of 8% polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Sugar and Simple Carbohydrates Deplete Your Body of Nutrients and Elevate Insulin and Leptin Levels Leading to Energy Mismanagement

There are two properties of  sugar and simple carbohydrates that make them into possibly the single greatest cause of poor health (with the possible exception of microorganisms). These two properties are:

  1. They are mostly empty of other nutrients
  2. They cause rapid rise in blood sugar

The consequence of eating nutrient-empty fuels is that nutrients are destroyed as part of metabolism (extracting energy from food). So, if a person eats primarily empty calorie foods, eventually, there will be a severe shortage of nutrients, especially minerals, with the consequence of cells being unable to function properly, which the person will know as disease and lack of energy.

Rapid rises in blood sugar are most similar to “flooring the gas pedal” in a car while in neutral. Nothing is accomplished except for wearing out the endocrine (energy management) systems of the body. The following bad results will come from frequently spiking one’s blood sugar by eating sugary and simple carbohydrate foods:

  • one’s cells will eventually become sugar burners instead of fat burners
  • higher triglycerides and cholesterol leading to arterial damage
  • glycation (aging of the body, seen externally as age spots on skin)
  • inflammation
  • osteoporosis
  • loss of muscle tone
  • accelerated aging

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