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At — we teach how to be physically well — with the goal that your body is a tool to help you experience joy and happiness, rather than your body being an impediment to that joy and happiness.

The mantra of this web site is that obtaining or preserving physical health is a matter of understanding how our bodies function (so that we can avoid disrupting that functioning) — this more or less boils down to  keeping the internal body clean and supplied with optimum fuel and nutrients.

Your physical body is a powerful factor in propelling one toward joy or suffering, depending on how “nourished and detoxified” one’s body is (or isn’t). Therefore, at, we guide and teach you so that will understand:

  1. What things hurt your body... and how to eliminate them from your body, and avoid the suffering and early death that otherwise will result.
  2. Which life-style habits, foods and supplements will optimally nourish, repair and maintain your tissues and cells, increase your energy and wellness and will best serve you in fully living your life.


True Laws of Health Are Logical and Simple

  1. You need to ensure that there are ample amounts of oxygen in your cells, by avoiding cell-membrane damaging, vegetable oils and by ensuring that your cell membranes easily transfer oxygen into the cell interior, by eating thin, oxygen-attracting Parent Essential Oils.
  2. You need to maintain high levels of Mitochondrial Antioxidants that quench or cool the “burning” byproducts of making energy from oxygen and fuel.
  3. You need to avoid and constantly detoxify your body of substances and energies that damage your cells.
  4. You need a 12 to 13 hour period of fasting each day, so that your mitochondria and endocrine systems can repair themselves.
  5. You need healthy fuel — good fat complex carbohydrates and polysaccharide peptides. You need to avoid unhealthy fats, simple carbs and refined sugar.
  6. You need to consume a large variety of amino acids and other nutrients so that the numerous processes of cellular life and intracellular communication occur correctly.
  7. You need sufficient hours of sleep each day for your body to repair and reset itself.
  8. You need to replace the water you lose each day.
  9. You need to work your body’s muscles, bones, tendons, heart and lungs regularly.
  10. You need to partake of “good energy” continuously.
Longevity & Youth Preservation Science is Real

Scientists have learned enough about biological health to enable laboratory animals to live to the equivalent of 400 human years. This is possible in the laboratory because scientists control the lives of their laboratory animals in every detail, including what and how often they eat, how many hours a day the lights are off, how much they exercise, etc.

If you were willing to control your lifestyle and diet along the same lines that these scientists control their laboratory animals, then you could experience greater longevity and health. The lifestyle habits you need to implement are listed to the right and described detailedly within this website. The challenge is, that unlike the animals, you have a choice of how you will live and whether you will implement wise lifestyle habits, or not?

The first thing everyone needs to do is to avoid that which cuts life short. For instance, modern consumer vegetable oils contribute to the primary cause of cancer because they impede the ability of your cells to attract sufficient oxygen into the cell interior. You need to avoid modern vegetable oils, including margarine, hydrogenated oils and other adulterated oils or else you will likely (nearly 70% of everyone that partakes) will experience cancer at some point in your life (between 1/3 to 1/2 of all modernized people die from cancer).

Pervasive toxins, created in our industrial age world, do constant damage to our molecules and DNA, creating life-shortening and quality-of-life degrading outcomes. If you don’t employ a strategy to clean toxins out of your body on a daily basis, then you are accepting a future poor quality of life and early death.

For longevity and health it is essential to ensure that your levels of minerals, messenger molecules (hormones and REDOX signaling molecules), essential fatty acids and mitochondrial antioxidants are all present in adequate levels. How to accomplish this is a main purposes of this website, as well as teaching what is real and what is not real in the realm of health maintenance. There is so much health information out there that is not so. This web site can help you focus on those things that really work.

To maximize your health benefits from this web site, we recommend that you start with the section called Your Body is Like a Car, then visit the Health Action Checklist and Foundations of Health.

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Our health axioms

  • Maintenance is better than repair.
  • Health is a matter of informed choice, not chance.
  • Poor health (absenting accidents and gene or congenital defects) is the result of toxicities and deficiencies and otherwise not making it easy for the cells of our body to function unhindered.

This web site is continually expanding. Please check back often.

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