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Health Foundation # 3:

A key priority in health maintenance and health recovery is to eliminate toxicities from the body and continuously detoxify from that point onward. No one would allow contaminants to remain inside a prized car’s fuel tank and engine. So, why would we do a similar thing to our irreplaceable body?

Answer: We don’t fear the consequences enough!!

Please choose to fear the consequences of internal toxins... every second that you don’t fear those consequences, you lose some of your precious potential for optimal health.



Immediate Danger


Long-Term Danger


Keeping Toxins Out of Our Body

Human emotions and feelings aren’t always our best guide for our actions, and, therefore, we should turn to logic, instead. An example of what we mean:

Human beings (universally) ”freak” and take instant, evasive action upon seeing, or hearing the sound of, a nearby rattlesnake. That’s because the danger is immediate.

However, only very prudent people will respond to dangers that are not imminent. For instance, if a danger takes 20 weeks, 20 months or 20 years to “bite” (such as the damage done by metal fillings in the mouth or the danger done by sugar consumption or by artificial sugar consumption), most people cannot be bothered to make the slightest effort to avoid those dangers.

The failure to act prudently when bad consequences take a little why to “smack us” is why so many people arrive at 50, 60 or 70 years of age in a condition of bad health.

hospice_careOne of the best ways to deal with this “can’t be bothered” attitude is to visit sick people at the hospital. A great many of such people were also not able to be bothered to change their bad health habits. Each of needs to see the consequences they obtained through their neglect, and say to ourselves, “that is me if I don’t change what I am doing now.”

We need to fear toxins more than rattlesnakes, not less, because toxins are far more likely to hurt us.  Toxins are everywhere - air, water, food, car, and virtually everywhere we go. If rattlesnakes were everywhere, you would be very careful where you stepped:

  • Amalgam fillings (autoimmune issues, lessened energy)
  • Fluoride (arterial calcification, loss of motivation)
  • Pesticides (Parkinson’s, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Kidney Disease)
  • Cleaning solvents (Memory loss, Arrythmias, Panic Attacks)
  • Industrial wastes (Irritability, Tremors, Numbness in Extremities)
  • Chemical additives in food (hyperactivity, skin rashes, early puberty, allergies)
  • Sugar (Chron’s disease, Celiac Disease, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Heart Disease)
  • Cooked vegetable oils
  • And many other dangers that slowly kill us or destroy our quality of life

Your choice in regard to toxins is:

  • Suffer an early death, or lose your quality of life, probably relying on palliative-care drugs during the last fifteen percent (1/6th) of one’s life).
  • Enjoy natural health up till the very last few weeks of life... when one’s telomeres run out.

The first choice is for those who don’t detoxify the bodies and the second choice is for those who do.

Primary Toxin Types

The below types of toxins are largely responsible for the destruction of our health. We should constantly endeavor to avoid and remove these from our bodies. Learn the most effective ways of keeping these destroyers out of your body by learning more about each of these:

  1. Microorganisms
  2. Heavy Metals
  3. Free Radicals
  4. Chemicals
  5. Altered Food
  6. Sugar


Without any reservation, microorganisms (virus, mycoplasmas, bacteria, yeast and parasites) have caused the most human suffering of all the destructive elements on earth, having caused far more deaths and far more poor health throughout history than all other causes combined.

Before antibiotics, life expectancy was about half what it is today.

In today’s world of sanitary living and access to antibiotics, acute bacterial infections are not too common; although especially with some strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria, life-threatening infections still occur, especially in the young and elderly.

What is generally still a problem, today, however, are low-grade infections, whether bacterial, yeast, viral or chronic parasite infections. All of these take a toll on human health as they release toxic substances within our bodies and also because they directly damage our tissues

  • Especially by causing leaky gut in our intestines leading to autoimmune disease
  • And by causing inflamed arterial linings leading to cardiovascular disease).

 As long as an infection remains low grade, health care professionals seldom take notice and so the infection continues... and the damage continues.

To keep your body relatively free of chronic infections from virus, mycoplasmas, bacteria, yeast and parasites we recommend the following:

  • Supplement regularly with probiotics (good bacteria).
  • Drink hydrogen-rich water
  • Avoid undercooked meats.
  • Avoid produce that hasn’t been disinfected.
  • Do a full body cleanse once or twice per year.
  • Consume with meals botanicals that fight microorganisms.


Heavy Metals

According to Dr. Kellas of the Center for Advanced Medicine and author of the books, Surviving the Toxic Crisis and Thriving in a Toxic World, the most dangerous of the all the toxins are heavy metals (in terms of sheer damaging power). Such heavy metals include: mercury, cadmium, lead, etc. This short video demonstrates how easily mercury is released from dental fillings to enter the human body.

Options for removing heavy metals from the body include MaxGXL and ETS Zeolite. Both of these are recommended for maintenance as well as aggresive detoxification.

  • MaxGXL increases glutathione levels in all the cells of the body. Glutathione is a thiol, so it attaches to heavy metals and carries them out of the body through the kidneys.
  • Zeolite is a negatively charged crystal powder that traps positively charged toxins at the villi point of contact with the bloodstream and carries them out of the body through the stool.

We highly recommend both increasing glutathione levels and the use of zeolite to keep the body free of heavy metals.



Systems that Must Be Kept Detoxified

  1. The circulatory system. The circulatory system is in reality the single most vital system of the body. If you have a fatal heart attack or stroke, it simply won’t matter what else you have done to improve your health.

    inspiration_iconClick here to see the four most important things that you can do to maintain a clean, well functioning circulatory system.

  2. The small intestines and large intestines. The intestines are one of the most neglected system of the body, and according to many wellness professionals, the neglected condition of the intestines is A MAJOR CAUSE of disease.

    inspiration_iconClick here to learn why maintaining clean small and large intestines is paramount for optimum health.

  3. The mitochondria. The mitochondria supply energy to perform the functions of living, and therefore, as your mitochondria go, so goes the whole body. Pollutants tend to collect in the mitochondria, and as recent tests have conclusively shown, their presence in the mitochondria undermines energy production and increases mitochondrial aging leading to a lessened longevity.

    inspiration_iconClick here to see how you can keep your mitochondria clean.

In addition to focusing on the above three critical systems to keep them in a state of good operating order, we should also eliminate from our lives (as much as possible) the following contaminants that are ultimately the greatest destroyers of mankind’s health:
  • Harmful Heavy Metals. These generally come from dental work and larger fish, and are probably the most dangerous, common destroyer of health we know.
  • Harmful Chemicals. These generally come from industrial pollution, pesticides and insecticides, and for those whose bodies are seriously contaminated by them, they are quality of life destroyers.
  • Harmful Microorganisms. (In the past, harmful microorganisms were the single greatest destroyer of health.) These generally come from undercooked meat and unwashed produce. They undermine our health to a degree that most people refuse to acknowledge.
  • Trans Fat Oils - these generally come from fried foods, shortening and margarine. A single dose of fried chicken can compromise the repair work of our cell membranes for up to two weeks.
  • Refined Sugar - i.e, sweets, ice cream, pastas and breads. Empty carbohydrates and calories rev do more total harm than any of the above health destroyers. They rev up the endocrine system needlessly, wearing out your mitochondria much faster than need be (like revving your car engine in neutral), they interfere with cellular communication and they foster growth of micororganisms.
  • Electromagnetic Pollution - generally comes from the electrical/electronic devices we use daily.
Most people don’t realize the degree to which toxins build up inside the human body. If you don’t focus on internal cleanliness, you won’t have it.
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